Fighting Until The Twitter End

In the fallout from Donald Trump being given the boot from Twitter, I’ve just come across some great stats for his Twitter account that I had to share. On the world’s favourite open-source encyclopaedia there is a page dedicated to Trump’s social media usage. It seems that as his presidency has progressed, so did the […]

Revisting “There’s no place like home”

Back in June I wrote a short post about how a lack of crowds in the Premier League might change the likelihood of their being home wins. The idea behind it is simple: does playing at a ground full of partisan football supporters give home teams an advantage? Because supporters are banned from attending football […]

Heavier Drinking in the UK

It would appear that Covid-19 has driven British people to excess drink and drugs. This is according to respondents of the Global Drug Survey Covid-19 special edition. For example, it seems like 46.8% of respondents have reported drinking earlier in the day during the pandemic, the most of the twelve countries include in the survey […]

Appraising The Stock Market: Part 2

Over the past week I’ve been doing some number crunching in an effort to find some good stock market investments (you can read here Part 1 of “Appraising The Stock Market”). This means I’ve selected another cliched image for the blog! Also, and more importantly, even though I am only an amateur investor I do […]

Appraising The Stock Market: Part 1

As part of my attempt to be the next Warren Buffet, this week I undertook an appraisal of my stock market portfolio. Unfortunately, I am around $72 billion behind Buffett at the moment, although it is worth pointing out that, in truth, I do have my sights set a little lower than that. I have […]

Dominic Cummings: Lessons In Bias

Who’d be a politician? Or, even, a politician’s special advisor? Whatever your politics, the reaction to Dominic Cummings and his explanation for driving from London to Durham in March – in spite of Covid-19 regulations and advice that Cummings himself helped draw up – has been eye-opening to say the least. ‘Eye-opening’ might be particularly […]

Pac-Man: Looking Good For Your Age

Pac-Man turned 40 this week, even though you wouldn’t know it to look at him. There isn’t a line or wrinkle on his perfectly round face / body / pie chart. When I was a young teenager in the early 1990s, and I would go down to the arcade in town with my friends to […]

Attracted To A Disaster Movie Plotline

As a genre, the “disaster movie” is a just about as old as cinema itself. The movies themselves seem to get ever more implausible with the passing of each year, with every type of disaster getting explored, and with the next threat to humankind needing to be a tiny bit madder than the last. Remember […]


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