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Collaboration in the music industry

I am currently writing a book at the moment about 1990s UK Number One records (as you do), and in the course of doing some research a pattern struck me that might explain a bit about globalisation, the world wide web, and smarter marketing. Before you think I am mad, let me explain. What I […]

Fighting Until The Twitter End

In the fallout from Donald Trump being given the boot from Twitter, I’ve just come across some great stats for his Twitter account that I had to share. On the world’s favourite open-source encyclopaedia there is a page dedicated to Trump’s social media usage. It seems that as his presidency has progressed, so did the […]

Revisting “There’s no place like home”

Back in June I wrote a short post about how a lack of crowds in the Premier League might change the likelihood of their being home wins. The idea behind it is simple: does playing at a ground full of partisan football supporters give home teams an advantage? Because supporters are banned from attending football […]